How To Inspect Your DC Home After The Winter Storms Pass

February 22, 2015
niki dube

snow houseIt’s been a harsh winter in much of the nation. Just when you think one winter storm is over, you hear the forecast for the arrival of the next one. There’s just enough time to put gas in the car and buy groceries before you’re homebound again. Unfortunately, your home may be feeling the brunt of such cruel weather. When it finally thaws (if not before), you need to inspect the follow things on your home to see if they need repair.


Any loose shingles you may have had before the storms hit likely gave the ice and snowmelt access to your attic. Check the roof for the following issues:

  • Loose or missing shingles
  • Overly heavy amounts of snow
  • Ice dams
  • Cracks around vents or joints that need to be resealed
  • Potentially hazardous icicles


While you’re on the roof, check your gutters. Make sure they are still securely fastened to your home and that they are free of any debris. Clogged gutters are a primary cause of the formation of ice dams on your home. Clear your gutters to prevent this damaging condition.


Sometimes you don’t know a pipe has burst until it thaws and starts to leak. Check for leaks around all your indoor and outdoor plumbing. Repair any you find immediately to prevent further damage. If there’s time between the storms, insulate your outdoor faucets and any faucets along exterior walls.


The attic will be the place to discover whether or not your roof is leaking. Look for wet spots on insulation, or drips falling from the attic ceiling. If you notice moisture in your insulation but not on the ceiling, it may be that your attic needs better ventilation to allow condensation to escape from your home.

Add Insulation To Your DC Home After The Winter Storms

Speaking of insulation… Did you notice certain rooms or areas in your house that were extra chilly or drafty? It could be that you need to add some insulation in the exterior walls of those rooms. Spray foam insulation is a great solution for filling gaps in pre-existing insulation spaces. When you checked your attic, was it warmer than you anticipated? If so, you may need added layers of insulation to keep that warm air in the living areas of your home.

Weather Stripping And Caulking

Were the drafts noticeable around your doors and windows in particular? Add weather stripping and caulking to seal those drafts and keep the conditioned air from escaping.

Prepare For Flooding

The only problem with the thaw arriving is that the ice and snow will melt and that water has to go somewhere. Shovel snow away from the sides of your home so that when it melts it won’t melt into your house.

If you need professional help inspecting your DC home after the winter storms, give us a call. We’re used to updating the insulation in pre-existing homes so helping you after the storm is right in our wheelhouse.