How to Choose An Insulation Contractor

December 6, 2014
niki dube

old homeAny time you choose to have work done on your home, you want it done right. Picking the right insulation contractor is no different. Use the following guidelines to help you find a professional who will do the job right the first time.


Asking the college kid who mows your lawn to install installation would be a mistake. While aspects of the task are easy enough for a DIY project, certain other elements benefit greatly from someone with experience. Ideally, your contractor will have at least five years of experience.

Understands Construction

Adding insulation to a pre-existing home requires some understanding of construction. Older homes met different codes and were constructed with different materials. Your insulation contractor shouldn’t be surprised by what they encounter in your home.

Knows DCRA Code

You don’t have to know the residential codes, but the person who installs your insulation should. Ask the contractor if they are up to date on the DCRA code for residential insulation and if they are familiar with R levels and the types of insulation that can bring your current R levels up to code. If they respond with a blank stare, move on down the list to the next contractor.

DC Licensed Business

Work with a licensed business. It’s just basic professionalism for a business to be licensed. If they fudge on that detail, chances are they’ll fudge on others and your home will suffer the consequences.

Bonded Insulation Contractor

In addition to being a licensed contractor, you want the business that installs your insulation to be bonded. Bonded contractors have purchased a surety bond. That means they have some level of liability insurance to protect your property should they be unable to complete the work. You don’t want to get stuck with an incomplete job.

General Liability Insurance

Even professionals make mistakes. That’s why you want your insulation contractor to have general liability insurance. If they accidentally damage your home while installing your insulation, you don’t want to have to pay the repairs out of your pocket. Their insurance coverage should do that.

Workers’ Comp Insurance

If contractor’s employee gets injured on the job, you want Workers’ Comp insurance to cover the cost of medical. If the company doesn’t have Worker’s Comp, then you are vulnerable to a lawsuit from the injured party. Unfortunately, this practice is not that uncommon with undocumented workers.

Documented Workers

You want documented workers and not the Home Depot crew installing your installation. The risks of hiring undocumented workers are high, and the quality of work is low. Don’t take that chance.

Equipment Owners

Many contractors rent and borrow their equipment. That communicates they are not committed to that type of work. Committed contractors own the equipment they use all the time, maintain it and are experts about how to operate it most effectively.

Specialize in Insulation

The best insulation contractors are those who focus on it as a specialty rather than as an add-on to gutters, garage doors and roofing. Specialists are better trained more experienced in the practice.

Protect your home and your investment by hiring an insulation contractor that meets these qualifications. If you’re not sure where to find one, call Max! Insulation is our specialty.