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The Benefits of Reflective Foil

February 6, 2015
niki dube
Photo by flickr user: naturalflow The benefits of reflective foil are similar to the benefits of any insulation: reduced cost and increased…

The Health Benefits of Proper Insulation Levels

January 29, 2015
niki dube
If added layers of insulation seem to you like a luxury you can’t afford, think again. What if you found out it…

How to Get a $500 Tax Credit for Energy Saving Home Renovations

January 21, 2015
niki dube
Could You Get a Tax Credit For Improvements on Your DC Home? Hi. My name is Michael Grove, but you can call…
sound proof

5 Reasons to Sound Proof (A Room In) Your Home

January 7, 2015
niki dube
You may not be an expert in acoustics, but you know noise when you hear it. Maybe you like noise, but your…

10 Benefits Of Using Spray Foam Insulation

December 14, 2014
niki dube
Image by Flickr user dunktanktechnician Spray foam insulation, specifically spray polyurethane, is an insulation option that offers unique benefits. It’s called spray…

How to Choose An Insulation Contractor

December 6, 2014
niki dube
Any time you choose to have work done on your home, you want it done right. Picking the right insulation contractor is…

What is Batt Insulation?

November 18, 2014
niki dube
Flickr image by moppet65535 Batt insulation is pre-cut, fiberglass or rock wool insulation. It’s what you probably imagine when you picture insulation…
Recommended insulation levels

Insulation R Value and Sports Fans: What They Have in Common

November 4, 2014
niki dube
If you’re a loyal sports fan, there is no weather system that will keep you from cheering on your favorite team. Regardless…

How To Save Energy at Home: 10 Tips for Homeowners

October 24, 2014
niki dube
Energy bills seem to be on the rise. To save money you’re going to have to save energy, but how? If each…

What Is a Home Energy Audit?

October 17, 2014
niki dube
The term audit may cause your pulse to race, your palms to sweat and your hair to stand on end. Take a…
Heat Transfer

Heating Your Home: How Heat Spreads

September 17, 2014
niki dube
There Are 3 Types of Heat: Radiation, Conduction and Convection Heat transfers in and out of your home three different ways. An…
Places to Air Seal

DIY Home Insulation: 10 Gaps You Can Air Seal Yourself

September 11, 2014
niki dube
How to Save Energy at Home by Air Sealing 10 Leaky Spots This post is part of our Max DYI Series, which…
Attic insulation

DIY Attic Insulation: How to Insulate an Attic

September 9, 2014
niki dube
Is Your Old DC Attic Leaking Air (and Money)? We’ll Show You How to Fix It This post is part of our…

9 Steps to Drill and Fill Wall Insulation Projects

August 21, 2014
niki dube
I’m excited today to walk through the steps of drill and fill wall insulation. Drill and fill is a way insulate the…


July 10, 2014
niki dube
Insulation installed prior to 1994 was likely to contain formaldehyde in the fiberglass, a carcinogenic by the National Toxicology Program (NTP) with…