Air Sealing

July 10, 2014
niki dube

Air sealing involves using caulks and urethane spray foam to fill small and large cracks in walls, outlets, floors and attics, permanently fixing drafts and leakage.

Old DC homes were designed to breathe with an exhale of air from ground floor to attic. Hidden ventilation ducts move outside dirty air from cellars and crawl spaces upward to rooms and attics. With an HVAC system, this natural flow or air moves filtered and temperature-controlled air up and out through the attic.

MAX Insulation understands the construction of DC homes and is able to effectively air seal most of the hidden nooks and crannies that are not typical within modern suburban homes.

MAX Insulation uses only environmentally safe caulks and urethane spray foams that are long-lasting, non-toxic and repel insects.

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