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Old DC homes were designed to breathe. Hidden ventilation ducts move outside dirty air from cellars and crawl spaces upward to rooms and attics. With an HVAC system, this natural flow of air moves filtered and temperature-controlled air up and out through the attic, causing your energy bills to soar if left unchecked.

MAX Insulation understands the construction of DC homes. After performing a Home Performance and Energy Evaluation, our experts are able to effectively air seal most of the hidden nooks and crannies that are not typical within modern suburban homes, using environmentally safe caulks and urethane spray foams that are long-lasting, non-toxic, and repel insects.


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Home Performance and Energy Evaluation

Air Sealing Energy Efficiency Max Insulation

As your home ages, it develops air leaks and air quality issues from settling, cracks, exterior penetrations, inferior insulation, and moisture. New building codes and energy efficiency technologies ensure newly constructed homes perform at optimum levels. Luckily, we can also apply these modern practices to older homes, bringing them closer to the same performance. Our 10 Point Performance Checklist provides you with a clear understanding your home’s issues, and the path needed to correct them.


10 Point Checklist:

  • Check hot water heater, furnace, and air handlers including filters
  • Check ducts for leakage
  • Check for gas leakage
  • Check basement/crawlspace moisture level, vapor barrier, and insulation
  • Check windows, doors, and walls for leakage
  • Check home for rodent issues
  • Check chimneys for leakage
  • Check temperature variance between floors
  • Check for exterior penetrations
  • Check attic for air sealing and insulation


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