5 Reasons to Sound Proof (A Room In) Your Home

January 7, 2015
niki dube

You may not be an expert in acoustics, but you know noise when you hear it. Maybe you like noise, but your roommate/spouse/sibling/neighbors don’t appreciate the sounds you make. Whichever side of the noise spectrum you fall on, you know it can be a source of tension in the home. Here are some reasons (arguments, if you prefer) to sound proof at least one room in your home.

Musicians Need Practice

sound proofWhether your kid is learning to play the violin or your husband is reliving his glory days as a garage band drummer, you can’t stand it any more. You’ve heard the same song, poorly played, at least 5,287 times in the past week. While you don’t want to discourage your family’s interest in the arts or their creative expression, you would also like to retain your sanity. Sound proof the practice room and preserve both.

Home Theater

The second living area is the perfect place for a home theater, except it’s right next to the nursery. Surround sound is only cool when there’s some volume involved, but a fussy baby isn’t cool either. Solution: sound proof the home theater and put the baby monitor right next to you. Now you can watch movies and play video games like they were meant to be watched and played… until the baby gets hungry.

Spray Foam Insulation Transforms Kids’ Playroom Into Sound Proof Teen Hangout

When the kids were little, the playroom was a space they could keep their toys out of sight. Now that the kids are older, their toys have changed. A ping-pong table has replaced the chalkboard easel and a Blu-Tooth speaker made the toy xylophone obsolete. You’re glad they seem comfortable inviting their friends over, but you can’t sleep until noon on a Saturday like they do. Add some spray foam insulation to the walls in the former playroom to create a sound proof barrier between you and adolescence.

Loud Neighbors

Do your neighbors have a state of the art sound system in their car? Do they like to show it off at all hours as they come and go and detail the interior of the car? Has the low-end percussion and “boom-tish” pierced your brain for the last time? Or does the neighbor’s dog love the sound of its own voice? Does it stir up the local canine committee, creating a chorus of barking from every dog in a two-block radius? Sound proof your home by installing spray foam insulation and restore your sense of serenity while simultaneously lowering your energy bill.

Sound Proofing Is Easier Than You Think

There’s no need to add acoustical architecture or buy a year’s supply or earplugs. Spray foam insulation is a multi-purpose solution for your DC home. In addition to creating a radiant barrier and filling gaps other insulation does not, it has sound absorbing qualities. In other words, you can manage the auditory (sound) and comfort (climate) levels of your home by installing spray foam insulation.